Friday, August 22, 2014

Here we are, week two of my Back to School Project. Aren't these just the cutest little embellished mason jars? So many possibilities, I just don't know how I'm going to use them yet. They could be vases, or little tea light luminaries for my patio table, or Sugar Baby holders, or pencil/pen/glue stick holders for my desk. Seriously, the possibilities are endless.

So, let's get to the nitty gritty. I spent zero dollars or cents on this project. Want to know why???

Yeahhhhh.......I'm a jar and scrapbook paper hoarder. Haha! I haven't bought scrapbook paper in ages AND I haven't saved a jar in months besides Classico Pizza Sauce and Pesto Jars (I'm working on my hoarding tendencies). I love love love Classico because their packaging is genius! Who doesn't appreciate a mason jar. I buy Classico pizza sauce more than I should because I love having mason jars in my pantry.

Getting on with it, I gathered my supplies and got down to business.

So easy. Just a little glue stick, a ruler, wash tape, and twine. This project was so easy, I kinda feel like I cheated. Oh well, It'l make up for the sewing I have planned next week. I don't use patterns so beginning my sewing projects always takes a little more brain power that I anticipate.

Let's just look at my cute jars one more time.

Love them! What have you made this week?? Show me your projects using the hashtag #brokegirlcrafting on Instagram.
Monday, August 18, 2014

I am so excited about this challenge! We are on a tight budget right now, but I love my projects AND there's a new Hobby Lobby in town. What's a DIY girl to do??

I've challenged myself to do a project a week for the next six weeks using only the supplies I have on hand. I am going to allow one trip to the Goodwill for 2 or three mens shirts for one project, but thats's it! Haha. It should only cost me a few bucks so, in my cheater mind, does't count. Right?

I started last week and while it might not seem like a big deal to most people, it was huge to me. I have been putting off hanging a bunch or pictures back on our walls after painting. I sucked it up and got it done. Well, kind of. There are still more to hang, but the point is, I got the important ones done. Yeah, let's go with that.

I returned Wade's favorite RSO awards and rank patches to the wall by the front door (pic,bottom right hand corner). It was a challenge because I wanted them all in a perfect rectangle and at a good height. I am very pleased with how it turned out. In the loft, I allowed Wade's Adam Corolla signed poster to grace the TV wall (pic, top right hand corner). Haha. Also in the loft (pic, left), I recovered some frames from the garage and hung the girls school awards from last school year. I always want them to be reminded that hard work pays off and doesn't go unnoticed.

Overall, I am happy with the status of the pictures right now. I'm sure there will be more picture hanging in the next six weeks.

Since, I am not buying supplies for projects, I am somewhat limited in what I can do. I have plans to make some aprons, redo a canvas we used to have hanging in our family room, repurpose some frames and make them pretty so I won't mind them hanging on the walls (haha), sew new pillow covers for the living room couch, and more.

Keep checking back over the next five weeks to see what I've managed to do without spending money on crafting/DIY supplies. It's going to be fun!

First Day of School 2014

As a stay at home mom, I love love love the first day of school. I am definitely not one of those moms that wishes she could be with all of her children all the time. Haha. The break from each other does us well.

This first day started like all the others we've had together. Rylee and Emma leave for the first day with their mom and it's just me and Tuesday at our house. Then in the afternoon, I get to pick up all the girls from their first day. It works out nice for both set of parents. We each get a piece of the first day.

Tuesday and Rylee no longer go to the same school, so there is one more stop for me on my days. Rylee started 9th grade at one of our local high schools. She didn't seem too excited about it when she got in the car after school. Luckily, it's gotten better every day since. Well, except for last Thursday maybe. She started PE. This girl has not had a real PE class in her life. It was a bit of a rude awakening. Haha. She'll survive and it will be good for her.

Emma Wade started 4th grade. She is happy and got the teacher that she had hoped for. Fourth grade looks like it's going to be more homework and more responsibility. I am so happy about that. I love picking her up and hearing about her day. She's still awesome at telling me all about her day. Not like the big girls who usually answer "fine" when I ask how their day was.

My Dolly, Tuesday, started 9th grade at WCA High School. The girls middle school expanded to high school for this year and I chose for Tuesday to attend. It's a lot of work and an accelerated pace. It's going to be very time consuming, but I know Tuesday can handle it. She says that school gets better and better each day. As a mom that expects a lot of her, I love hearing that.

Wade and I took the time to have our own little First Day of School celebration at one of my favorite places in the whole world.....Starbucks! Yay!

And then, the love of my life, finally went back to work. After his yearly one month summer vacation, he had surgery for a hernia. Poor guy. He really suffered during early recovery. Thank goodness for Norco! It was a lot of fun watching him on drugs. Haha. This was his second hernia surgery and he said this recovery period was easier than the first time. So, that's good. Finally, he's back at work and I got the best selfie on a court day. He know I love him in a suit. I call him "White Collar Wade" or "WCW" on those days. I drool. But, that's just me. (P.S. He's gonna be embarrassed when he see's that I posted this pic)

So, here I am, just me and Rosie hanging out and getting chores done.

I am looking forward to this school year. I'm looking forward to the Fall and the Winter and all the things that come with them. I've got big plans for the coming weeks. Stay tuned for that.
Saturday, August 9, 2014

Summer Catch Up

It has been an infinitely long summer. Wade has been off since June 20th. We've been on a Caribbean cruise, my beloved Daisy dog got sick and passed away, we painted the entire downstairs of our house (well, almost), installed a much needed ceiling fan into our family room, went to Sea World and the Orange County Fair with the girls, Wade even had hernia surgery, we adopted a new chihuahua puppy, put in a doggie door for our new Rosie, and hung out with friends and family.

Oh and I went to jury duty and was excused after two days. But, in big news for my son.....He graduated RSO Correctional Academy and is now working in one of our county jails. I am so proud of all his hard work.

And then he moved out. Boooo! Haha. It's really weird to me that he's so grown up and on his own.

Some cruise pics for you.

We purchased no official cruise ship pictures. Haha. We knew there would be none we liked and we were right. Whatever. We had a great time and I loved it. Definitely something I want to do again really soon.

AND, right before we left on our cruise vacation we got our family photos back. I love them so much.

Summer ends for the girls on Monday. Yay for the First Day of School! Wade goes back to work on Tuesday and Rosie and I will be alone. I'm looking forward to starting a few projects. My goal is a project a week for the next 6 weeks using only the supplies I have on hand. Let's see how that goes. I can't wait to start.

I'll be back soon.