Thursday, March 20, 2014

Troubling Times In The Garden

When we planted our garden two weeks ago, we did so with such high hopes. A week before we planted the veggies, we planted a grip of sunflower seeds. It was awesome, within three days we had 19 sunflower sprouts. So excited!! We prepared and planted our two raised beds with Tomatoes and Zuccini.

And then, the mysterious disappearance of our plants started happening. First it was the sunflower sprouts. All gone, in one night. I noticed it while watering and it didn't hit me that they were gone until later that night. It was like an AhHa moment. Lol! I said something to Wade and we both thought it was weird but just kinda shrugged it off, until the next morning, that is.

Wade looks at the garden every morning. He's so cute, I love him. Anyway, now not only were the sunflowers missing, ONE WHOLE TOMATO PLANT WAS MISSING!!! What the heck?

One of the things I love the most about my husband is his curiosity. His absolute need to know. I was sent out to purchase a night vision trail camera so we could find out what was doing this to our garden.

It's hilarious! We plunked down $99 bucks just find out what was eating our garden. I love it! I love that we both think the same. Wade's says we needed it so that we can find out what we're dealing with and hunt it appropriately. Just wait for it......Wade is always right. It's disgusting and sadly, I've learned to accept it. Haha

Excitedly, we set up the camera that evening and anxiously waited for the next morning. We were not let down by our new favorite toy!

Are you dying to see what we saw???

I posted this picture to Facebook and Instagram the next morning wanting to see what people thought about what the creature was. I got a few Rat comments, but my favorite one came from a fellow LEO wife that said it was a baby opossum and I should cuddle it! Hahahaha.

Look at that picture! This camera is so awesome!!!  Perfect motion sensing *and* and time/date stamp!!

So, now that we knew we were dealing with a smallish rodent, we set out four traps in the tomato section. Two live traps and two killer ones. Reset the camera and waited until the next morning.


It was a RAT!!!! It found itself trapped in one of the live traps. He was put down in the trash can with a pitchfork of all things. Stabbed twice. Both Wade and I felt a certain sense of victory and relief, our garden was now safe.

Did you know rats are super resilient??? Neither did we. Later that evening, Wade had the urge to revisit the rat he killed in the morning, only to find it very alive and desperately trying to exit the trash can!!! Yikes!! So, he had to kill it again. This time we were sure it was dead. I know this because there was significant rat brain matter all over the bottom of the trash can. Lesson learned.

We decided that we should put the camera and live trap out just to be sure that the job was done. Well, it wasn't! Lame!! We caught another rat. We drowned him this time.

Anyway, a couple days passed, no new rats in the trap. We thought we had won the battle. Just to be sure, we put the camera out. Go ahead, look!

Rat Bastard!!! Today we went to Home Depot and got the big daddy rat traps. That's it, we've had enough!!! There better be a dead rat in one of those traps tomorrow morning!! Especially because the replacement sunflowers are about to sprout. 

Stay tuned!
Sunday, March 9, 2014

Wade Loves Toni. Chai Latte Style.

There's a certain excitement I get when I pop a Chai Latte Kcup in the brewer. I lean in close to the cup in anticipation of the memories brought on by the simple scent of this particular Kcup. We all have scent memories and I love when they hit unexpectedly. 

Wade introduced me to Chai. I was a Starbucks creature of habit, a pro at Americano with extra shots, all Frappuccino's, Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate and Passion Tea Lemonade. He was amazed the day he found out I had never tried Chai and so he bought me a Chai Frappuccino. Oh my goodness! It was delicious and opened up a whole line of chai drinks which are now my favorite. 

It's not just the memory of my first chai although, I remember exactly which Starbucks we were at and what time of day it was. It's the happiness of the time. The incredible love I felt for this man. The joy he got from introducing me to something new. I can see it all in my head and smell it. And it's the best.

The smell becomes my memories of being the constant passenger next to Wade with my arm looped through his and my head on his shoulder. We'd talk about our lives and our future. We knew we'd have a future together early on and I was excited. Just the scent of Chai puts a smile on my face and in my heart. 

Friday, March 7, 2014

Need Some iPhone/iPad Help?

Wanna know what I am good at? iPhone and iPad tutorials! I've helped my friends with happy tutorials that make what you want to do with your phone easy to understand. My friend, Lisa, says that I am her Apple Master. My mom sent me a message the other day asking what was going on with  her picture on her phone and also how to make albums on her iPad.

I've decided to start putting my tutorials here on my blog. Mostly so Lisa can always find the help that she likes. Haha. Hopefully, there is a tutorial for you. If there is ever a tutorial that you would like to see, let me know in the comments and I will make one.

Good Luck.
Monday, March 3, 2014

More....Painting the Inside

Last summer, we refinished our kitchen cabinets as our Summer Project. It was a giant pain in the butt. It was so worth it though. They're so pretty.

We've picked this years Summer Project. We're painting the downstairs! Finally. The whole house has been the same color white since Wade and his ex wife moved in years ago. I'm not sure why they never painted. Actually, the one powder room downstairs is yellow and Rylee's room was purple and green. Haha  Two rooms in the house. That was when I met him. While we were dating and knew we were going to get married one day, he painted our master bathroom my favorite color. Grey. So, three rooms.

A couple weekends ago, we painted our Master Bedroom and Emma and Rylee's room. Who can forget the Cheeto/Dorito/Goldfish room? Haha. Tuesday's room was painted Mint Green over the summer already.

So, now it's the downstairs. It's going to be so much work. We are going to replace all the floorboards with prettier wider ones (yay) and paint.

We chose a taupe for the kitchen and shades of grey (no, not 50) for the living room, family room, and dining room.

I'm a little nervous. What if I don't love the colors after we've bought the paint and the colors are on the walls? Whatever! We're doing it! Woo Hoo!!

So keep posted for that. Happening this summer.
Saturday, March 1, 2014

Some Exciting New Stuff Goin' On

After weeks and weeks of preparation, Wade has been promoted to Master Investigator IV B. I am so so proud of him. He worked very hard for this. He had a very good case and his presentation was spot on. Apparently, the board thought so too.

Unfortunately, he's taken to every once in awhile saying, "You will now call me Master." Hahahahahaha.

The waiting was the hardest part of the whole thing for me. Twelve whole days they had us on pins and needles. On the 12th day at about 5pm, the email came with the good news.

During the wait, Tyler would text asking if we'd heard yet. I looked forward to those texts because they made me laugh every time. "Has Wade heard about his Master of Disguise yet?" "Have you heard about the Master of Puppets?" "Master of the Universe" Cracking up everyday at the texts messages.

Wade had his new stripes put on a couple of his uniform shirts already. He gave me an extra pair, we are going to frame along with his others (Corporal, Investigator, Lead Investigator, and Master Investigator).

Investigator, Lead Investigator, Master Investigator (Corporal not pictured)

I'm excited for Wade. I'm proud of him. He's not sad about the money. Haha. Congrats Wade! I love you.