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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Some Exciting New Stuff Goin' On

After weeks and weeks of preparation, Wade has been promoted to Master Investigator IV B. I am so so proud of him. He worked very hard for this. He had a very good case and his presentation was spot on. Apparently, the board thought so too.

Unfortunately, he's taken to every once in awhile saying, "You will now call me Master." Hahahahahaha.

The waiting was the hardest part of the whole thing for me. Twelve whole days they had us on pins and needles. On the 12th day at about 5pm, the email came with the good news.

During the wait, Tyler would text asking if we'd heard yet. I looked forward to those texts because they made me laugh every time. "Has Wade heard about his Master of Disguise yet?" "Have you heard about the Master of Puppets?" "Master of the Universe" Cracking up everyday at the texts messages.

Wade had his new stripes put on a couple of his uniform shirts already. He gave me an extra pair, we are going to frame along with his others (Corporal, Investigator, Lead Investigator, and Master Investigator).

Investigator, Lead Investigator, Master Investigator (Corporal not pictured)

I'm excited for Wade. I'm proud of him. He's not sad about the money. Haha. Congrats Wade! I love you.