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Monday, February 17, 2014

Painting the Inside....continued

So remember my inspiration piece?

So pretty! I originally bought it thinking it could be the piece for my downstairs palette. However, when I showed it to Wade, he wasn't thrilled about the gold in the pillow. I assured him the gold was just a color and didn't mean that our house was going to be all 90's gold all of a sudden. Hahaha.

So yesterday when he said, "since we're painting Emma and Rylee's room, we should paint our room too" Yay! And I brought the pillow upstairs and it became the palette piece for my room instead.

Wade is so wonderful to me and let's me steer the direction of our decor. Of course, he has no problem telling me when something is butt ugly but, he usually likes what I like. Or at least, that's what he says.

We spent all morning painting Rylee and Emma's room a color called Mango Madness (Behr-Home Depot). Although, Rylee will tell you it's more the color of Goldfish crackers and I say it's more Cheetos. Haha. Whatever, it's orange and it makes her happy so, it's perfect.

It is bright for sure and the room glows when you come up the stairs. I smile and laugh every time I walk up.

Back to my room, we began painting in the late afternoon and finished even later. It was dark and with the work lights, HOT! We knocked it out in what seemed like record time. It was nice because the room was white to start, it took one coat and was a breeze.

Because we got done so late, we couldn't get a good look at what the true color was. I woke at the crack of dawn waiting to see it in the sun. It was worth it. It's so pretty.

The room needs a few accessories. Home Goods is calling my name but, it's on its way finally and I can't wait.


  1. I LOVE this color. :) Seriously, I do. It was my bathroom color in VA, in our house. I miss it!!