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Saturday, February 8, 2014

I Have The Best Husband In The World

Guess what? I'm writing this post from my new Mac Book Pro! Yay!

Maybe Wade thought my blog posts would be less depressing if he bought me a new computer? Haha. Sure, we'll go with that.

About a week ago, he came to me with his grand plan, we were going to each get a new Mac as our Anniversary and Birthday presents. Of course, I said yes. I won't miss getting a present on our anniversary or even my birthday. I will miss being able to buy something for Wade for his birthday though. I'll find a way around it, don't you worry.

It was very exciting walking into the Apple store and picking up our pretty new computers. I've never had a new Mac before. My last one was a hand me down. Best hand me down ever but still, second hand. This one is mine. All mine. Never been touched by another. It's the coolest feeling.

So, here's to happier blog posts in the future!


  1. Um, I would be less depressing if he bought me a macbook. Just saying. Please! :) How do you like it? I have always used PCs so I know nothing of Apple. Well, my phone...but different than a Mac.