Thursday, January 31, 2013

First Day of School in Hemet

Tuesday Alexis

The kids stared school yesterday. Tuesday at Rancho Viejo and Travis at Tahquitz.

Travis has a lot of work ahead of him. He needs to make up some credits and will have to attend night school to do so. He seems eager to accomplish this task and I have hope that he can get the job done. The staff at the school seem very friendly. His counselor's name is Mr Biber (said, BY-ber). I had to fight myself the entire time I was there not to call him Mr Bieber (like Justin BEE-ber). The school nurse is really nice. She seems to "get" him. I like that a lot. So far, he seems ok there. I know he wasn't happy about starting over but, at least he finds some entertainment.

Tuesday had a rough first day of school. The kids are not the asian and rich white kids she's used to and after the first day she didn't want to go back. Thankfully the second day was much better and she made a couple of friends. Wade and I are so thankful she came home smiling. We are definitely considering putting her in Rylee's school next year. I believe it's more suited to her level of academics and Wade likes it for the nerdy boys that will be too afraid to talk to her. Haha. Gotta love that.

It looks like, so far so good here as far as school goes. Now if only this bad cold will work its way through our family and leave us alone, we'll be good.

Monday, January 28, 2013


We're here!

Let me just say, that is the last time I am moving. It sucked! Not just because moving sucks in general but because, it rained all day while doing so. Ugh!

My wonderful brother, Brad came to help us move out of Torrance. Super thankful to him because he braved the rain and the spiders (he hates both) to be there for us.

Tuesday hard at work.

When Wade and I rented the truck we knew we had until Monday to return it. The problem being that Wade had to work on Monday and the truck needed to be returned by him at 9:30am Monday morning. So, we made the decision to try and load, drive, unload, and return all in one day. We rushed and made it just in time to make that deadline. Sooooo tired by the end of the day though.

Assembling the bunk bed in the kids room

Assembling the bunk bed almost didn't happen. We misplaced the hardware to the bed. Frustration escalated but in the end, the hardware was found and Wade and Travis got the bed together with no problems. Tuesday spent the rest of the afternoon putting her part of the room together. Travis and Tuesday have much more room than they've ever been used to. That's very nice for them.

Tuesday and Rylee
This is how I found Tuesday and Rylee the next morning. Haha. I love how well they get along and how lucky Tuesday is to finally have a girl to live with.

All in all, the move went well. There is still a lot of stuff to go through and put away. I'm not looking forward to that but, it'll get done.

I love my new home and the people I share it with.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Taking This Show On The Road

I took these pictures one day on my way to Wade's House.......

......My house.

Travis, Tuesday, and I are moving to Hemet. I am excited and the kids are resigned. Haha. They're fine. They both knew it was coming, they just didn't know when. We will be leaving Torrance on the 26th.

Here is our house:

It's beautiful. Travis and Tuesday will still be sharing a room but, there is a loft that all the kids will share as a common area. That's where they hang out now when we visit. Daisy is coming too. She will have a big backyard again and a swimming pool to be thrown into during the hot summer.

I'm not looking forward to packing. I hate packing. I am never moving again after this. You hear that, Wade Lenton? Haha.
Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Christmas 2012

Christmas has come and gone now and we have a fantastic time.

Christmas started off with Tamale Day on Saturday. Wade and his girls had never made tamales before and so both Rylee and Emma made one and poor Wade was forced to stand in the assembly as a spreader. Haha. Thankfully for him he had his equally inexperienced comedy relief in Keith next to him. With all the help we had this year, the tamale making portion of the day went by fast.

We took the girls to our very large mall in preparation for the next day's trip to the "sMall" (more on that later). I think my favorite store beyond obvious reasons was the Coach store. Wade had fun handing small items to the girls and asking them to guess the cost. The look on their faces was fun. Travis was appalled to say the least and pointed out that he could buy so many Chick-fil-A sandwiches with the money it would take to buy the purse I want. Haha. I made sure he knew he was going to be a terrible boyfriend one day. He's completely ok with that.

My very good friend and coworker, Robert came over and took this picture of us. Our first Christmas as a blended family. I love the group we have and how we all get along. Great picture. Great Family.

We went to Wade's Aunt Jackie and Uncle Joe's house for dinner. Let me just tell you, Uncle Joe makes amazing spaghetti sauce. Wade and I had a good time. It's interesting being part of a new family. Granted, I know this family but, when it changes from being best friends with one of the girls to starting a life with one of the cousins, it makes the dynamic a little different.

***Wow, time has really gotten away from me. I should have finished this post a long time ago.***

Christmas and Christmas Eve were so very nice and I am so looking forward for a lot more to come.
Wade and Emma playing with the Barbie Mom and Dad gave her.
Christmas Eve morning opening presents with Emma and Rylee
Emma Wade

Rylee Bay, winner of the Ebersole-Lenton Christmas Olympics

Tuesday and I on Christmas morning

Daisy in her new sweater from Grama Sue

My little Badass, Travis