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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Christmas 2012

Christmas has come and gone now and we have a fantastic time.

Christmas started off with Tamale Day on Saturday. Wade and his girls had never made tamales before and so both Rylee and Emma made one and poor Wade was forced to stand in the assembly as a spreader. Haha. Thankfully for him he had his equally inexperienced comedy relief in Keith next to him. With all the help we had this year, the tamale making portion of the day went by fast.

We took the girls to our very large mall in preparation for the next day's trip to the "sMall" (more on that later). I think my favorite store beyond obvious reasons was the Coach store. Wade had fun handing small items to the girls and asking them to guess the cost. The look on their faces was fun. Travis was appalled to say the least and pointed out that he could buy so many Chick-fil-A sandwiches with the money it would take to buy the purse I want. Haha. I made sure he knew he was going to be a terrible boyfriend one day. He's completely ok with that.

My very good friend and coworker, Robert came over and took this picture of us. Our first Christmas as a blended family. I love the group we have and how we all get along. Great picture. Great Family.

We went to Wade's Aunt Jackie and Uncle Joe's house for dinner. Let me just tell you, Uncle Joe makes amazing spaghetti sauce. Wade and I had a good time. It's interesting being part of a new family. Granted, I know this family but, when it changes from being best friends with one of the girls to starting a life with one of the cousins, it makes the dynamic a little different.

***Wow, time has really gotten away from me. I should have finished this post a long time ago.***

Christmas and Christmas Eve were so very nice and I am so looking forward for a lot more to come.
Wade and Emma playing with the Barbie Mom and Dad gave her.
Christmas Eve morning opening presents with Emma and Rylee
Emma Wade

Rylee Bay, winner of the Ebersole-Lenton Christmas Olympics

Tuesday and I on Christmas morning

Daisy in her new sweater from Grama Sue

My little Badass, Travis


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