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Thursday, January 31, 2013

First Day of School in Hemet

Tuesday Alexis

The kids stared school yesterday. Tuesday at Rancho Viejo and Travis at Tahquitz.

Travis has a lot of work ahead of him. He needs to make up some credits and will have to attend night school to do so. He seems eager to accomplish this task and I have hope that he can get the job done. The staff at the school seem very friendly. His counselor's name is Mr Biber (said, BY-ber). I had to fight myself the entire time I was there not to call him Mr Bieber (like Justin BEE-ber). The school nurse is really nice. She seems to "get" him. I like that a lot. So far, he seems ok there. I know he wasn't happy about starting over but, at least he finds some entertainment.

Tuesday had a rough first day of school. The kids are not the asian and rich white kids she's used to and after the first day she didn't want to go back. Thankfully the second day was much better and she made a couple of friends. Wade and I are so thankful she came home smiling. We are definitely considering putting her in Rylee's school next year. I believe it's more suited to her level of academics and Wade likes it for the nerdy boys that will be too afraid to talk to her. Haha. Gotta love that.

It looks like, so far so good here as far as school goes. Now if only this bad cold will work its way through our family and leave us alone, we'll be good.


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