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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Watch it, I'm armed. Well, kind of.

Yep, that's me. Don't I look tough? Haha

I had an especially frustrating day one day last week and decided I needed a destructive outlet for my anger. My friends encouraged me to exercise or clean something. I knew that wasn't going to do it. I needed something more. So, I asked Wade to teach me to shoot.

Wade took Travis and I out to this out of the way canyon where people go to shoot. It was cool because there are just a bunch of little individual canyons that you use as your personal range. We brought our own target and enough ammo to make me feel better. Haha.

Let me just say, Wade's work gun is ridiculously heavy and big! I will admit to being nervous about shooting it but once I did, it was fun.  With every shot, I felt more and more comfortable with the weapon in my hand. Now, here's fun funny/sad part. See my sunglasses? Not my regular glasses? So, Toni shoots at the target, Toni can't even tell if she hit anything. LOL!!  I guess I didn't really care. I just knew I needed to shoot something. Wade said I did ok.

I am looking forward to our next time.


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