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Monday, January 28, 2013


We're here!

Let me just say, that is the last time I am moving. It sucked! Not just because moving sucks in general but because, it rained all day while doing so. Ugh!

My wonderful brother, Brad came to help us move out of Torrance. Super thankful to him because he braved the rain and the spiders (he hates both) to be there for us.

Tuesday hard at work.

When Wade and I rented the truck we knew we had until Monday to return it. The problem being that Wade had to work on Monday and the truck needed to be returned by him at 9:30am Monday morning. So, we made the decision to try and load, drive, unload, and return all in one day. We rushed and made it just in time to make that deadline. Sooooo tired by the end of the day though.

Assembling the bunk bed in the kids room

Assembling the bunk bed almost didn't happen. We misplaced the hardware to the bed. Frustration escalated but in the end, the hardware was found and Wade and Travis got the bed together with no problems. Tuesday spent the rest of the afternoon putting her part of the room together. Travis and Tuesday have much more room than they've ever been used to. That's very nice for them.

Tuesday and Rylee
This is how I found Tuesday and Rylee the next morning. Haha. I love how well they get along and how lucky Tuesday is to finally have a girl to live with.

All in all, the move went well. There is still a lot of stuff to go through and put away. I'm not looking forward to that but, it'll get done.

I love my new home and the people I share it with.


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