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Tuesday, June 3, 2014


Well, it's officially summer at Lenton House. And doesn't Wade look so happy? He still has 18 days until his summer vacation starts. The girls finished up school last friday and yesterday was their first day home.

It went pretty well. Rylee and I went through the list of $1 movies at our local movie theater. Rolled our eyes at all the baby movies and put two thumbs up for the ones we want to see. The Lego Movie is at the top of that list. Great, now I'm singing "Everything is awesome!" in my head.

The girls played in their rooms, messed up said rooms, and hung out in the loft reading and playing video games.

Tuesday on the other hand was handed her summer geometry homework and informed that she will be attending a summer class at school that she was invited to. Not the happiest of summer campers was she. Haha. She got over it because she knows me well enough to know *OPTIONAL is MANDATORY* in my house.

Emma and Rylee are learning this lesson this summer as well. Rylee is switching to a new high school next year where the incoming freshmen have no summer homework. Oh the horror! Wade and I decided that she would have to read a book of our choosing. She didn't much care for that so her and I compromised on three books that she would read from an author that she currently loves. Score! Emma's school encourages the kids to keep up with math during the summer online. I just made that mandatory. It's time for this super smart girl to learn that super smart girls learn year round. I did however, make her a cute chart to keep track of the days she needed to do math just to make her feel better about it.

Our Spring/Summer Garden is coming along nicely.

We've already pulled three zucchini's off the plants and another two are just about ready. There are a ton of green tomatoes so, I'm excited for those to get red. I have two jalapeƱo's that are about ready to pick and the sunflowers are almost going to flower. Here's my current prized zucchini. It was huge and it was delicious!!

And that's about it for now. If you need me, you can find me out by the pool with the girls!


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