Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Month Long Vacay......

I am so excited. I get to have my husband home with me for a whole month. Wade uses his vacation time all at once. He keeps telling me that I'll be sick of him before the month is over and I keep telling him that he'll be begging  to go back to work by then.

Wade is the kind of man that can barley sit still. He claims to love to sit around and watch TV all day but, as soon as I get comfortable next to him or near him, he's up and has something in mind that *needs* to be done around the house. Or, we will be sitting talking about something we saw on Pinterest that we both liked and he'll say, let's go to Home Depot, we can totally make that. I wonder if *I* will survive the 152 work hours of vacation? I wonder how many things will be accomplished during that time? I wonder how many things I can Pin on Pinterest and actually have in my home by the end of July?

We already started at 7am this morning. We had to make a few adjustments to our bed. 7am? Done! Lol.

It's going to be a fun month.