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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Want My Excuse??

I lost my computer. Well, not really. I have given it up to Tuesday. She's such a good girl and she uses it for school, and watching You Tube, and looking for pictures of Kian Lawley, and listening to Spotify.... Haha. Whatever, she deserves it.

I do miss having a computer and the ability to log on and write on this sad little blog. Wade's sweet and says I can use his computer whenever I want but, it's not the same as having my own computer. Ok, I have my own alternate computer. But, It's a baby netbook and old and impossible.

Wade just saw me typing away and asked what I was doing. He was slightly amazed at the fact that I was paying any attention to my blog. He said, but, you're not crying and offered to punch me in the arm or step on my toes or even spit in my eye. I am laughing so hard, I might actually cry and then my streak of only posting to my blog when I'm crying won't be broken. And then he said that I shouldn't be a children's author because my writing would only inspire children to kill themselves.  

He's right.  He's always right and I've learned to accept that.

I do need to find my blog purpose. I am not a food writer. I'm not a mommy blogger because, if my girls could raise themselves, I'd totally let them. I'm not funny in any way. What do I even do this for?  It used to be about keeping my former in laws involved in our busy life. But then, I got Facebook and Instagram and how sick of me do you really want to be? And how much repetition is really necessary?

I'd write about my life about being Mrs. Lenton but, my life is boring. Although, that's what I'm going to do. It's decided. Now I just have to pry my computer out of the cold dead hands of Tuesday. Haha

Take that, Wade Lenton! I didn't cry! Woo Hoo!!!


  1. You write for me. Because we are long lost twinsies separated at birth. XOXOXO :)