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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The New Mrs. Lenton

We Eloped!

It was perfect and what made us happy. Neither Wade nor I are "center of attention" kind of people and the thought of a wedding where excess amounts of attention and personal congratulations would be lavished on us.......well, it's not our favorite. We understand that there are some who may feel slighted or disappointed by our decision but, it's our life and our wedding and it is what it is.

They didn't allow us personal cameras in the little chapel. However, our package came with some photos. It was an agonizing photo shoot and I can't wait to see what equates to Prom poses. So not for public consumption.

We took the kids to Bubba Gumps for "Linner". It was good. We were all tired but so hungry too.

Me and my Dolly

I can't even begin to tell you how happy it makes me that these four get along so well. Poor Travis, every once in awhile he comments, "I went from living with three boys to living with three girls". But, look at them. Tuesday loves herself and taking pictures is her favorite. I find pictures of them like this from time to time. This one makes me happy and look at Emma's face. Haha

Before Bubba Gumps, we took the kids to the Coca Cola store and did the Coke's From Around The World tasting. It's fun, they give you about 20 different samples. Italy's contribution was the grossest of them all and the only one that Tuesday couldn't bring herself to try.

And that's that. It was a one day adventure and we all had a great time. I am the LAST Mrs. Wade Lenton and I am so happy.


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